Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009

The return of the knuckle ring

Bold jewellery and too much bling have been associated with gangsta rap and hip hop style for quite some time. I guess that's not the case anymore as celebs like Rihanna are starting to wear ghetto jewellery for fun. While I don't like knuckle rings with messages like "pow" or "bad" (too corny imo) I do like the simple version by Olsen twin's Elizabeth & James. It comes in both silver and brass. I think it's a statement piece without being too flashy but it can add a little something to a plain outfit.

I was looking for cheaper alternatives as the E&J ones are a bit too pricey for my taste - even though they are probably worth it when you tend to wear them often. However, I managed to get the silver ring (vintage from the 80s) off ebay for $30. I love it as it's not too big. The gold one I just came across in a German drugstore for like $7. It doesn't look as cheap though.

So mission of finding a good alternative for the E&J knuckle ring for less succesfully accomplished.

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