Montag, 13. April 2009

Wrapped in Chains

Ok, this trend is anything but new especially not after everybody blogging about it and after Erin Wasson has been photographed in her body chain to death. But I still like the idea of some unusual jewellery that can spice up a monochromatic or plain outfit. Sometimes one just needs a statement piece (when a simple silver necklace or big hoop earrings won't be enough).

I saw the various body chains and wraps on and was instantly intrigued. Unfortunately most of the items were out of my price range with $250 and up. I saw Wasson insprired chains on Etsy as well but still not quite what I was looking for. So I almost gave up on the idea until I came across ebay seller sisters*fashion. She has a couple of other Wasson inspired items (think shredded shirts) on ebay too so make sure to check out her items. The chain up for sale was exactly what I was looking for and with a great price too so I just had to buy it and didn't regret it ever since.

Here's how I wear my body chain - with a pretty plain shirt or top most of the time. I think key is to dress down because it can look trashy or tacky easily. I also like the idea of hiding part of the chain under a button down shirt (and leaving the top buttons open). I'll try that some time.

Donnerstag, 2. April 2009

Spring Fling

After the long winter season and a lot of rain and cold weather it seems like spring has finally arrived in this part of the world (better late than never). I looked through my closet and noticed tons of black and dark grey clothes. I'm not someone to wear bright photographic flower pieces but I figured some lighter colors and flutter dresses couldn't hurt to have in my closet (I'd still wear them with opaque tights though).

I came across this drop crotch t-shirt dress by Preen and can see it working its way into my wardrobe. It's actually not quite my style but I like the light fabric, color and the frilly skirt. The slightly loose oversized t-shirt look is also very much in style at the moment. I'll probably wear a cardi over or long sleeve shirt under it when it's too chilly.

Now I just hope spring is here to stay so I don't have to go back to black.