Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010

Shoe lust/love

I received my new babies in the mail yesterday. At first I wanted the swallow platform mary janes but they sold out within seconds on net-a-porter and I haven't seen them anywhere else. I definitely wanted a platform pair instead of the high heel version. So I posted them in the "Help me find..." thread on tfs and a member from Switzerland told me to call the Miu Miu boutique in Zurich. And that's what I did. Turns out they only had the cat prints in store but when I was told it was the two-tone platform version I was sold. And here they are!

Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010

Carrie on ... once again!

Patrica Field "The White Dress"
Halston Heritage dress

As an avid viewer of the TV show "Sex and the City" (I'm also writing my Phd thesis about the show as part of American Quality TV but that's another story) I was more than thrilled when the "Sex and the City- The Movie" came out last year. Styling wise it was a little over the top with that Vera Wang wedding dress and high-end designers only. It had nothing of that vintage-y vibe of the (esp. first seasons of the) series - a style that Patricia Field became known and famous for. With the sequel finally coming out in less than two weeks I can't help but wonder: What will the oufits look like this time?

According to the trailer and pictures that came up there'll be influences from the 80s as well as vintage (at least looking) dresses. I did a little web research and found out that there will be a lot of Halston Heritage. Wihout actually knowing that before I had already been drawn to their flowy evening and cocktail dresses from the current spring line that are both fab looking and affordable at the same time. I saw them on net-a-porter and other online retailers and was considering buying a piece (namely the pink one shoulder dress that Carries also wears in the movie) for a while.

Now with all the promos most of the dresses have sold out and I wish I had been a little faster. Especially after seeing that white Halston dress Carrie wears on the poster. It incorporates everything I love in a dress and want for spring/summer: the color- a crisp white, the shape - vintage, the length - just above the knee, the material - a soft jersey, all without breaking the bank account.

As I'll probably not get my hands on the Halston (because it's pretty much sold out and unlikely to be restocked) I found a good alternative on the Patricia Field website . It's called "the white dress" and looks basically the same, only it's not made by Halston. With $199 it's also a little cheaper than the origional. It's not in stock right now but will probably restocked soon.

Hopefully just in time for the start of the sequel on May 27th. See you then ;-)

P.S.: For those of you who are looking for the Carrie necklace or just some books about the show or Martini glasses, check out