Montag, 27. Juli 2009

DIY blazer studding

I finally finished studding the boring H&M blazer I had lying around. I probably wouldn't have worn it anymore as I have nicer black blazers. But it has become a special piece in the style of Balmain now. I know everybody and their mom is studding clothes and showing pics on their blogs. Sorry for not being more creative. It took me forever and a bleeding finger btw. I'm not very patient so I doubt I'll studd more things in the future.

Thanks to Gennie from Maison des Reveries for the inspiration! I don't think I could have done it without your instructions.

I used around 100 1/2" pyramid studs made of nickle/brass I ordered from

Montag, 13. Juli 2009

Great sale deal

Ok, I'm officially on a bag ban now. I must say I haven't really been interested in a new bag since my YSL Downtown and I still wear it very often. It's a fab bag as it fits all of my stuff (which is a lot) and the leather is nice plus the straps are long enough to fit over my shoulders. But since Alexander Wang's bag line launched I've been in love with every single one from his collection and couldn't decide between the Brenda or Donna hobo (all of them named after 90210 characters).

I decided the Brenda would be a nice change as I already have a Balenciaga hobo with super soft slouchy leather. Then I saw the Coco and once again was in love. But you already know the story from a previous post. It hasn't shipped from NYC yet so I have to be a little more pationed *sigh*.

I'm currently writing my dissertation so I constantly carry around books and my laptop. Unfortunately I didn't have a bag to fit everything in as I hardly have any structured bags. I kinda like the smooth slouchy ones more ... until I saw Proenza Schouler's PS1. It looks like a school bag somehow and has a detachable shoulder strap which I find very practical. It seems to have a couple of compartments which makes it even more desirable. Unfortunately the heavy price tag kept me from actually really considering to purchase the bag. Until it went on sale. Ok, only one bag to be exact and in a coral candy color. I liked it right away but I already have lots of dark brown bags so I thought coral would be a nice color for spring/summer. And as I wear mostly solid colors like black and grey I'm not really afraid that it won't go with everything. So how could I resist with a reduction of 50% (!) percent and a beautiful color? Just ordered it so I hope it will get here soon. Can't wait.

Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009

Random outfit post

Just a casual outfit I wore today. It's been pourring here for a week so it didn't feel like summer. That explains the tights. But it's supposed to warm up again next week so I hope I can wear my Ann D's again and some summery dresses. I guess most bloggers are on vacation at the moment as there seem to be less updates than usual.

tunic dress: Zara
tights: American Apparel
shoes: cinderella (boutique in Amsterdam)
jacket: Silence & Noise
necklace: Etsy

Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009

Desperately Seeking Susan

After watching the movie from 1985 starring Madonna and Rosanna Arquette I once more realized that the 80s style dominates fashion at the moment. I can see lace leggins, cropped tops, sequin boots and jackets, oversized blazers with shoulder pads and rolled up sleeves. Everything was worn my Modonna at that time and can be found in stores today. Let me take you on a short journey back.

Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2009

I realized that I haven't posted many of my outfits so I thought I'd post some I've worn recently. It's basically too hot here atm to post nice outfits but the skirt/shirt/body chain combo is today's outfit.