Donnerstag, 27. August 2009

Fall/Winter Shoe Wishlist

I noticed that I already started stocking up on fall/winter shoes/boots even though it's still sandal weather over here. I just want to try to get all of the shoes why they last. Some are so popular that they instantly sold out (like the Chloé Sevigny for Opening Ceremony buckle wedge boots).
The Chloé Susan studded booties are not produced anymore and hard to find on ebay these days so I've pretty much given up hope of ever finding them in my size. Office UK made decent knock offs for a fraction of the price so I think I'll just settle for those.
I wanted the famous Sam Edelman Zoe booties for along time. I could still kick myself for not ordering them when they were still available on the Victoria Secret site. Well, at least SE has brought them back and I don't have to pay the horrendous ebay mark ups. Nasty Gal has them available for pre-order.
Jeffrey Campbell has made so many great knock offs of designer shoes like the Ann Demeulemeester lace ups. I'm positive that there is more to come.

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Samstag, 15. August 2009


I was looking for a nice Talon necklace à la Pamela Love for a while. I was stalking Etsy and was hoping to find one but never did. Then I found this great site TALONALIA. The necklaces are exactly what I was looking for and retail for a very reasonable price. They even ship internationally.
You have the choice between 'The Magpie', 'The Sparrow', 'The Owlet' and 'The Owl'. I immediately ordered The Magpie and received it super fast. Very happy with it and couldn't take it off. Might have to order another one soon.

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Freitag, 14. August 2009

Outfits posts

Apologies: I know I've pretty lazy lately but I also felt a little uninspried. Must be the summer. It was nice and warm lately so I was finally able to wear something more appropriate for the season. The Preen dress you already know. I posted it here a while ago. I wasn't sure if it actually worked with flats and a casual jeans jacket but I was quite content with the result. The b/w outfit looks more like fall. I just can't help it. Black tights and skirts are staples in my closet. I got the white lace top from Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn last year and haven't worn it much. I still like it though. It's vintage.