Sonntag, 11. April 2010

What's in a bag?

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their friends. I say, you can certainly tell a lot about a woman by (the content of) the bag she carries. I'm personally a firm believer in bag rotation. And as I have far too many I try to give them equally as much love as possible.

Lately I've been carrying my PS1 a lot because it so convenient. I can wear it messenger style across my body and have my hands free for my soy chai latte and other things - namely (shopping) bags. And it's great becuse it fits all of my daily things due the three compartments.

I usually carry a book or magazine because I like to read while I'm waiting for the bus or on the subway. In this case it's my kindle from amazon. It's thinner and lighter than some of my books.

Also in my bag:
- Balenciaga wallet
- facial tissues
- hand lotion
- hand sanitizer
- C.O Bigelow mentha lip shine
- Ga-Jol sugar-free licorice drops
- Chicza organic mayan rainforest chewing gum
- hand-made mirror from Lebanon (gift from my friend)
- my iphone - can't live without it!!!
- headphones - I like listening to music on the go
- pocket size umbrella - the weather is unpredicatble and it rains a lot here

What' in your bag? I'm curious to know!