Sonntag, 15. März 2009

Statement necklaces

Picked out a rather plain - bordering on boring - outfit and don't know how to spice it up? How about a bold necklace? You may rest assured that it will instantly update your wardrobe and simultaneously transition from work/day to night outfit.

There are many different kinds of necklaces available out there atm and fortunately most of them are affordable too. Huge are ethnik spike chains like this one from ASOS. As for me, I wanted to jump on the fringe bandwagon but boots and bags are so overdone that I was looking for something different - et voilà, I came across this fringe necklace from Babooshka Boutique when browsing through Etsy.

See how it adds a little glitz and special something to my cream sweater and black skirt combo? I really like it and will start playing around with it more for different effects. I can also see it with a white button down shirt or with a simple black tank. Options are endless.

Btw, Babooshka doesn't only carry fringe necklaces but also a nice range of clothes.


  1. What a great piece Velony...I have ben browsing for a fabulous fringe or bib necklace for spring/summer..thanks for the insight!

  2. Hi Bella, glad I could be of help. Hope you'll find a suitable necklace for spring/summer. Have a look at Etsy.