Sonntag, 1. März 2009

Little Green Dress

Green is the new black! No, I don't mean eco-friendly clothes made of organic fabric. I'm talking about bright green mini dresses as seen on Balmain's S/S 09 line. I have to admit that wearing a particularly colorful dress at an evening event when everybody else relies on the good old LBD is a bold move but it will sure make you the toast of town and earn admiring glances. I'm usually one to stick to solid colors like black, white, cream and grey myself because they are so easy to work with. But with spring approaching it might be agood idea to think outside the box for once and take a risk. Bright colors like electric blue, pink and orange are Designers' take on spring-time because they instantly update a seemingly dull fall wardrobe and add a certain freshness and unpredictability.

As for me, I'll certainly join the club but have yet to find the perfect green dress. Fortunately it's not quite spring-time yet so I still have to wrap myself in head to toe black until the new color palette finally hits the high street stores. We'll see how the hunt goes.

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