Dienstag, 28. September 2010


Ok, tough decision. I noticed that nobody was actually reading this blog (hence no comments) and I blame this on the crappy camera that I have - but currently no money to buy a new one- and the lack of people with photography abilities in my life. But then again there are numerous blogs who do depict bloggers' daily style with arty pics. So I was torn between shutting down this blog for good or changing the direction in which it is going. Before finally giving up I though I'd give it one last try.

And here it goes: I'll post everything that comes into my mind which may or may not be fashion related. But it will most definitely be life(style) related. And I'll try to post regularly. If you happen to like my posts, please give me some kind of feedback so I know that you out there are actually reading it. I'll keep posting in English so that everyone can actually understand what I'm talking about. Maybe I'll post some sentences in German here or there. Not quite sure yet. We'll see... .

So, enjoy!


  1. I read it! And I do love your outfit pictures! A suggestion would be to include close up pics of your fab accessories! I love seeing those! Like your Ann D shoes or your PS1! It puts a smile on my face!

  2. Thank you for you advice and opinion, Emmy! I'll def. try to post more accessory pics. Good idea! I always enjoy seeing that too. And thanks for reading!