Dienstag, 28. September 2010

Michael Bastian for GANT

One place that inspires me the most is definitely the Big Apple aka concrete jungle aka New York City. I have the urge to visit the city at least one time a year and it always gives me a break from my everyday life in Hamburg.

I've always wanted to go there for Fashion Week but never made it. But then again I don't have any friends who work in the fashion industry who could have gotten me in. So I was happy and excited when my friend (journalist and former PR manager) told me that I could have his invitation for the GANT fashion show which took place on Sept 15. Luckily and coincidentally, I had already planned my vacation wround the same time as Fashion Week.
I was thrilled to attend my first real fashion show. And it was everything but disappointing.

If you think every fashion has to have a runway with models walking up and down while trying to look as bored as possible, you are on the wrong foot. What I actually saw wasn't much different from an art exhibition at a fasionable NYC venue. No catwalk but installations with different scenes and models in various outfits posing and moving (yes, also laughing and having fun). You could basically walk around and look at all the different setting while sipping on your glass of champagne and exchanging thoughts with the fashion crowed.

1950s meets classic American: I really enjoyed it but I have to say I do like the fashion from the 50s and 60s in general. You are absolutely right if you think it's all been done before and there is rarely a new take on retro fashion. True but somehow designer Michael Bastian managed to let his line look new and fresh. Up until now he has only created fashion for men. The GANT collaboration was a very good opportunity for him to start designing an entire collection for women as well. And I'm so glad he did. My favorite was the movie scene and the partly lace sweetheart dress. Definitely a classic piece and very wearable.

Let the pictures speak for themselves ;-)

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