Freitag, 23. Oktober 2009



La Rok
Alice and Olivia

Don't we all remember the iconic chrystal-embellished admirals' jacket by Balmain that came out this spring? It was insane with all its jewells and gems but also insanely expensive retailing for almost 8,000 €. Celebs like Rihanna and Beyonce made it even more famous.

I always liked the idea of a military inspired jacket but with a twist so you can wear it for a night on a town but also during the day with a nice pair of jeans.

I found two affordable alternatives by Alice and Olivia ($550) and La Rok ($368). I actually tried on the first one when I was in New York and regretted not getting it right away because when I returned to Saks the next day it was completely sold out. I checked with the A&O store but they had sold out even months ago. So I kinda gave up the idea until I came across a similar style by La Rok. It's even a little cheaper.

While some may think this jacket is too trendy, I regard it as a timeless piece that is worth to invest in because you'll wear it with everything from denim shorts to evening dresses and for years to come.

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  1. sorry to hear about the jacket! i kinda imposed a rule to myself, if i really really really like it, then i have to buy it on the spot, OR I WILL REGRET IT. ;)
    love your blog!

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