Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

Come Fly With Me...




Burberry F/W ´10

It might still be summery and hot in your part of the world while it seems like fall is about to arrive over here very soon ( if it hasn't already). After a few weeks of breezy flower patterned maxi dresses and denim shorts it's about time for a more appropriate attire. Last year was all about the leather biker jacket. It seems like this year's new trend is a further development of last year's wardrobe staple: the aviator jacket (also called the "flying jacket"). It's basically a biker style leather jacket with a sheepskin or fur collar. Sounds like a great item for an easy transitition from the fall into the winter season.

Burberry started the trend but with 2K and up it seems like it's out of reach for most of us. Acne's model is pretty close to the high end designer style but with 800€ not really affordable either. Thank god highstreet stores pick up on trends fast these days. Topshop offers usually good alternatives but 300 pounds are not easy to shed either if you a poor student like me. I just saw an affordable 150-pounds-version at Oasis and Asos.

I guess there is something for everyone out there price range wise. So start investing asap even though you might not be able to wear it for another few weeks/month. They are guaranteed to sell out fast (the Burberry one has already sold out on NAP). Long before you probably start worrying about your fall '10 wish list.

What do you think about the trend? I'd like to know.


  1. I am always late on trends so I'm sure I won't get one of these. I am still on the hung for a leopard coat! Last year I didn't find one I like but I am hoping this year will be the one!

  2. I'm sure you'll be able to find a nice leo coat. They are still in. Topshop had really nice ones last year. I managed to get a cool vintage 60's swing coat.