Sonntag, 21. Juni 2009

The It-Bag Revival

A midnight blue Chloé Paddington was my very first It-Bag ever. I can basically still recall the hunt for it (checking ebay religiously on a ten-times-a-day basis for an affordable one because there was no way I could have afforded to pay full retail). And when I finally had it in my hands and felt the super soft leather and smelled it, I knew one could be in love with a bag. At that time around, fashion mags everwhere proclaimed the birth of It-Bags*.

Every season one designer would bring out a new one convincing thousands of women all over the world that they couldn't live without it. Be it a Fendi Spy, YSL Muse or Marc Jacobs Stam. But the thing with trends is that they die sooner or later. And so we all said good-bye to the much celebratet It-Bags not shedding one tear about their disappearnce.

But the true Fashionista knows that trends always tend to come back after a certain period of time being absent. I have a feeling this could be the case with the new COCO duffle bag designed by no other than the popular award winning Alexander Wang. You might have seen pics of Mary-Kate Olsen carrying it with her everywhere. And that although the bag won't be available for purchase until the beginning of July. Something tells me that this bag will sell out in no time. It's a great bag indeed. Black, smooth leather and gold/silver studs at the bottom. It's big enough to hold everything and goes with practically every outfit. And with under 1K (it will probably retail for about $895) it will even be more affordabe than other It-Bags used to be in the past.

Just wondering if this will be a one-time wonder or if there's more to come. And for how long will this trend-revival last this time?

P.S.: What was your first It-/Designer-Bag? I'm curious to know.

* a very much coveted and insanely expensive high end designer bag that is, that got much attention and became famous through numerous celebs toting it around town. This trend basically started at the beginning of 00 and lasted until mid 00.


  1. great post!
    hope you get yours!

  2. Hi Verena :D
    Mine was a black 2.55 with gold hardware, and after that it was a black '05 city, which broke. :(

  3. I wish you success in your hunt as well, if you are getting one. The studs on the bottom are awesome and the leather looks superb, though I wonder if it might be too small IRL? Love this article!
    My first designer bag was a Burberry blue lable tote, but I guess my first It-bag would be the Balenciaga Twiggy in white, which is now becoming the palest shade of gray...memories...


  4. Thanks to Leyla for the info. I was able to put in a pre-order for the bag. Yeah! Can't wait to get it. The leather looks so yummy. Hope it will be big enough for all my stuff ;-) Will post pics here when I get it.

  5. that bag is delicious!!

    X0X0 Lusty

  6. ok guys, the coco is almost the size of an LV speedy 35, a bit smaller.
    it's pretty heavy empty bc of the studs and the leather is outrageous!

  7. Chauss, that sounds yummy. I was afraid that it would be to small because it doesn't look roomy in some of the runway pics. The leather already looks awesome in the pics. Can't wait...