Samstag, 28. Februar 2009

Drop-Crotch pants

Leggins, skinny jeans, oversized blazers... you name it. Fashion from the 80s is in style at the moment and have hit designer boutiques as well as high street stores around the globe. Some may like and even embrace the new tendencies in fashion while others either ignore the trend or simply try to sit it out until the whole 80s revival will be over for good. One relict from that era are the new drop-crotch or harem pants that Marc Jacobs already incorprated in his spring '07 fashion line. Seeing specific clothes on models (who almost always look good - no matter how rediculous or over the top the outfits actually are) is one thing but having the guts to wear them out on the street yourself quite another.
So when I first spotted those pants - that are anything but flattering or lady like on a femme - on the runway my immediate reaction was: "U can't touch this! Not even MC Hammer could pull them off and start a long lasting trend so why would want us designers believe that more than 20 years later we will finally start to appreciate them?" They might work for Arabian sheiks from 1001 nights farytale lands and Alladin but not for a normal woman. So I pretty much tried to ignore the fact that they are around everywhere for as long as I could. That was before they started growing on me. The more I saw them the more I got the feeling that they might be a good alternative to dressy black pants or skinny jeans. They have something fresh about them and can be worn dressy as well a casual which is crucial for key pieces in my opinion.
I still wasn't quite convinced they'd look good on me at all considering the fact that I'm only 5'3. So I decided to try some inexpensive styles at Zara last December after seeing a girl from TheFashionSpot looking absolutely gorgeous in hers. Unfortunately they didn't look half as good on me so I left the store empty-handed and convinced that those pants are just not for me. However, they have been around for quite a while and after reading the newest issue of German InStyle magazine I decided to give it another shot. And even though I didn't really look for another pair at H&M on Friday I found one that I thought could work. Also, for the first time I didn't have the feeling they make me look like I gained 5 pounds so I took the pair home and started to play around with them. I like them best with a simple grey shirt and gladiator sandals.

Well, not sure the trend will stick around for long this time but for now it will add a "fresh breeze" to my wardrobe. As I didn't pay a fortune I won't be too diappointed to see them disappear forever this time ;-)

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